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Kitami Tourist Information

Kitami Sightseeing Association
On the right of JR Kitami Station, 1 Chome,
Odorinishi Kitami
Business Hours:9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Regular Closed Day:12/30 - 1/3

The Main Highlights of Kitami
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Hot Springs of East Hokkaido

■ Hot Springs of East Hokkaido
At Kitami's hot-spring village, Onneyu hot springs, you can enjoy water directly from the source. In addition, Kitami is the great location from where you can go to famous hot spring resort areas in East Hokkaido as one-day sightseeing trip such as Akanko Hot Spring (1 hour), Abashiri hot spring (1 hour), Sounkyo hot spring (2 hours), Utoro hot spring (3 hours), Tokachigawa hot spring (3 hours).

Animals of East Hokkaido

■ Animals of East Hokkaido
At the north fox ranch Onneyu hot springs in Kitami, you can encounter lovely northern foxes anytime. the viewing style allows humans to come in to see in the north foxes which play around freely without being shut in cages. It is also a good location being only 1 hour and 40 minutes from Kitami to the extremely popular Akan International Crane Center, GRUS.

Okhotsk Sea Drift Ice(the Garinko-go and the Aurora)

■ Okhotsk Sea Drift Ice
  (he Garinko-go and the Aurora)
The Natural drift ice of East Hokkaido fills the winter Sea of Okhotsk. For the drift ice ship experience, you can ride the Garinko-go of Monbetsu, or the Aurora of Abashiri which are famous. Either can be enjoyed in a day from Kitami.

 Shiretoko World Heritage Site

■ Shiretoko World Heritage Site
World natural heritage Shiretoko is also a one-day sightseeing area from Kitami. One possible method of travel is, Shari Station by JR from Kitami Station (transferring at Abashiri Station). Then bus from Shari Station; to Shiretoko world heritage site. The beautiful drive by the rent-a-car is recommended for the non-snowing seasons.

Flowers of East Hokkaido

■ Flowers of East Hokkaido
From May to June flower sightseeing day trips include Yubetsu-cho Tulips (1 hour and 10 minutes), and Ozora-cho Moss Pink (1 hour), from July to August there is the Kamikawa-cho Daisetsu Mori No Garden (2 hours), and Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden (1 hour and 20 minutes).

Asahiyama Zoo

■ Asahiyama Zoo
Maintaining an environment as a close as possible to the natural wild in which animals live, you can observe their behavior on display as well as watching them eating at feeding time, which is extremely popular. Asahiyama Zoo is great for one-day sightseeing, too. Feeding times vary between animals.

Saroma Lake

■ Saroma Lake
As considered locally, Saroma lake introduces proudly the most beautiful setting sun in Japan. Many photography lovers come during the particularly beautiful time from July to August. In addition, the unique blue color called Saroman Blue is an interesting characteristic. The scallop fishing is prosperous, too, and stores specializing in scallop souvenirs have been very busy.


■ Curling
Producing more than ten players in past Olympics, this area is called a sacred place of curling in Japan. In the curling hall of Tokorocho, Kitami, curling is possible throughout the year. A curling experience under an instructor is recommended for a beginner. pre-booking required.

Kitami Sightseeing Association

Okhotsk Area Sightseeing Important Area

<Mint-kun Mascot of Kitami>

A central city of East Hokkaido where nature has been left untouched, Kitami.
Kitami has Saroma lake and curling in prosperous Tokoro in the east and Onneyu hot springs boasting hot spring direct water in the west. There are a lot of budget hotels around Kitami JR Station in the center and is the most suitable as a place to stay. In the outskirts, there are a range of activities to enjoy at the famous sightseeing spots of East Hokkaido using Kitami as a base location including world natural heritage Shiretoko, Lake Akan with the marimo moss ball, mysterious Lake Mashu, Abashiri and Monbetsu with drift ice, and the cranes of Kushiro.

【Inner City Map】
Inner City Map
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Climate of Kitami

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Year
Average temperature
-8.5 -7.8 -2.4 5.0 10.9 15.0 18.7 20.2 15.6 9.1 2.1 -5.0 6.1
47.5 32.4 42.5 47.6 56.7 57.3 94.0 113.2 106.3 69.0 43.9 49.4 763.6

Events of Kitami

July: International Okhotsk Cycling Event

July: International Okhotsk Cycling Event
An event to enjoy the Sea of Okhotsk coast by bicycle (Maximum 212 km, minimum. 43 km)

August: Onneyu Hot Springs Festival

August: Onneyu Hot Springs Festival
An event to thank the God of the hot springs. It's climactic when the omikoshi portable shrine crosses the river.

September: Tanno Curry & Rice Marthon

September: Tanno Curry & Rice Marthon
A humorous marthon where teams of four race to gather ingredients and cook curry and rice.

October: Kitami Chrysanthemum Festival

October: Kitami Chrysanthemum Festival
A traditional event spanning 60 years. Over 15,000 flowerpots of chrysanthemums are lined up at the venue.

February: Kitami Cold Winter Yakiniku (grilled Meat) Festival

February: Kitami Cold Winter Yakiniku (Grilled Meat) Festival
Up to 1500 people can enjoy the barbecue outdoors even when temperatures drop below freezing point.

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Popular Cuisine

Local Beer
Local Beer
Yakiniku (grilled meat)
Okhotsk Kitami Salt Yakisoba
Okhotsk Kitami Salt Yakisoba (salt flavor chow mein)
Processed Scallop Products
Processed Scallop Products
Mint Products
Mint Products

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Recommendations of Kitami

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Transportation information from various main spots in the Okhotsk

1. Kitami - Sapporo(4 hours and 30 minutes:Bus/JR)
2. Kitami - Onneyu(50minutes:Bus)
 - Sounkyo(+1 hour and 10 minutes:Bus)
 - Asahikawa(+1 hour and 30 minutes:Bus)
3. Kitami - Rikubetsu(1 hour and 30 minutes:Bus)
4. Kitami - Lake Akan(1 hour and 10 minutes:Bus)
 - Kushiro(+1 hour and 50 minutes:Bus)
5. Kitami - Memanbetsu Airport(40minutes:Bus)
6. Kitami - Abashiri(50minutes:JR)
 - Utoro(+1 hour and 40 minutes:Bus)
7. Kitami - Engaru(1 hour:JR) - Yubetsu
 (+40minutes:Bus)- Monbetsu(+50minutes:Bus)
8. Kitami - Tokoro(1 hour and 10 minutes:Bus)

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Major tourist cities in Hokkaido

Bus lines connecting Hokkaido

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