Sapporo Fujino Winery

Winery Introduction

Sapporo Fujino Winery considers agriculture to be the foundation of wine making. Due to this, we have fostered a relationship of mutual trust the farming families of Hokkaido producing high-quality grapes in company vineyards, the growers make every effort to ensure the grapes are a quality deserving of great wine. Grapes are sorted one bunch at a time before being used for wine making. Fermentation is left in the hands of nature, the use of cultivated yeast, antioxidants and additives are avoided as much as possible. In addition, we take a policy not to perform filtration on the wine at all to make use of the original grape flavor to the maximum.

Wine Introduction

Niagara Natural Sparkling
Niagara Natural Sparkling

A gentle dry sparkling wine with a sweet fragrance like an acacia or orchid, refreshing acidity and bitter sweetness of citrus fruit.
The natural carbon dioxide released during the fermentation by natural yeast is kept in. In order to preserve the gentleness of the flavor, there is no filtering or removal of the sediment (degorgement) from the second fermentation.

TitleNiagara Natural Sparkling
Typewhite wine, sparkling
Alcohol by Volume11%

Nakai Kerner
Nakai Kerner

Yoichi contracted farmers use Kerner grapes carefully grown at the Nakai sightseeing farm. Fruit taste and bitter sweetness of the citrus fruit similar to the fragrance of grapefruit and white flowers, it is a dry white wine with a northern country style elegantly acidic aftertaste.

TitleNakai Kerner
Typewhite wine
Alcohol by Volume12%

Sapporo Fujino Winery

[By Car]
Taking route 230 from Sapporo city, turn left at Fujino 2 jo 2 chome traffic light intersection, then follow the road for about 2 km.
[From Sapporo Bus Terminal]
Board the Jotetsu bus Jozankei Line 7 (headed to Fujino 4 jo 11 chome), get off at Fujino 4 jo 2 chome, and walk 7 minutes.

Company NameSapporo Fujino Winery Co.,Ltd.
AddressFujino 670-1, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi
Business Hours11:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
Regular Closed DayTuesday, New Year's holiday
Tours, Wine tasting, Direct salesTour available, tasting available,
direct sales area available in the facility
Foreign language supportUnavailable
NoteThe elk forest facility where the winery is located offers
a park golf course, restaurant, Mongolian style BBQ corner and more.