Furano Winery
(Furano City Grape Juice Research Station)

Winery Introduction

It is a winery run by Furano as a municipality, In the center of Hokkaido.
It's located in Budougaoka Park (grape hill park), Mt. Shimizusan 5 minutes from Furano Station. Vineyards spread out over the surrounding are, and at the peak of Mt. Shimizusan there is a restaurant, Furano Wine House. In summer lavender and other flowers are in bloom. Inside the winery there is the wine aging process tour, the wine tasting corner while viewing Mt. Tokachitake, and a direct sales area with limited sale wines and fruit juices available.

Wine Introduction

Furano Wine Barrel Furano White
Furano Wine Barrel Furano White

Furano produced, Seibel 5279, is an unusual white wine to Hokkaido made with Kerner grapes and aged for 1 year in a French oak barrel.
A slightly dry wine characterized by a faint aroma of the barrel and robust flavor.

TitleFurano Wine Barrel Furano White
IngredientSeibel 5279, Kernertd>
Typeslightly dry
Alcohol by Volume12%

Furano Wine Zweigeltrebe
Furano Wine Zweigeltrebe

Furano produced, It's a red wine made with Zweigelt grapes, barrel aged for 1 year, and aged for over 4 years in the bottle. A wine with a body characterized by a gorgeous matured fragrance and rich tannin flavor.

TitleFurano Wine Zweigeltrebe
Typemedium to full
Alcohol by Volume12.5%

Furano Winery (Furano City Grape Juice Research Station) http://www.furanowine.jp/en

Tasting Room
 ■Tasting Room

Barrel Storage
 ■Barrel Storage

Exterior View
 ■Exterior View

Where Wine Can Be Purchased

5 minutes by car from Furano Station
Company NameFurano City Grape Juice Research Station
AddressShimizuyama, Furano-shi, Hokkaido
Business Hours9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.
Regular Closed DayNew Year's holiday
Tours, Wine tasting, Direct salesFree tour, free or paid wine tasting (only from June to September), direct sales available
Foreign language supportUnavailable
NotePlease make a booking if planning on coming as a group.