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Hakodate Airport Outskirts Sightseeing Spots

The Hakodate Port was opened early serving as a supply port of the United States, and Russia and is a town which advanced with the development of its port. The Motomachi district spreading at the foot of Mount Hakodate abundantly features British and Russian architecture, and a popular atmosphere full of the exoticism. In addition, the area is even famous as the last battleground of the Meiji government at Goryokaku Fort. In the spring the area is well known for its cherry blossoms.

Hakodate Airport Outskirts Natural Park

Quasi-National Park

The park is managed by the prefecture with natural scenery based on a national park.

Onuma Quasi-National Park

 Mt. Komagatake, Onuma, Konuma, Junsainuma

Prefectural Natural Park

Following after national park, and quasi-national park is a park representing Hokkaido with its natural scenery.

Hiyama Prefectural Natural Park

 Kamome Island, Mt. Iou, Cape Tatenomisaki, Unsekikyo, Nagaiso Coast, Okushiri Island

Esan Prefectural Natural Park

 Mt. Esan, Cape Shiokubi, Cape Hiura, Esan Azalea Park, Mizunashi Kaihin Onsen

Matsumae-Yagoshi Prefectural Natural Park

 Cape Shirakami, Iwabe / Kotaniishi Coast, Oritohama, Shiriuchi Onsen

Kariba-Motta Prefectural Natural Park

 Kumamodori Gorge, Futoro Coast, Sanbonsugi, Mt. Rissho

Wetlands Registered Under the Ramsar Convention

Wetlands registered by the convention on wetlands of international importance, especially as waterfowl habitat (Ramsar Convention).


 Resting area of migratory birds such as the whooper swan, mallard ducks, and the spot-billed duck.

Find sightseeing spots in the suburbs of Hakodate Airport!

Hakodate  Hakodate Tourist Information

Mt. Hakodate Mt. Hakodate
Goryokaku Park Goryokaku Park
Hakodate Orthodox Church Hakodate Orthodox Church
Old Hakodate Public Hall Old Hakodate Public Hall
Old British Consulate Old British Consulate

Hokuto  Hokuto Tourist Information

Trappist Monastery Trappist Monastery
Kijihiki Highland Kijihiki Highland
Hekirichi Jinya Hekirichi Jinya
Hachirounuma Hachirounuma
Weeping cherry blossoms in Houki Temple Weeping cherry blossoms
in Houki Temple

Nanae  Nanae Tourist Information

Onuma Quasi-National Park Onuma Quasi-National Park
Konuma Konuma
Akamatsu Highway Akamatsu Highway
The birthplace of western agriculture (Nanae Historical Museum) Nanae Historical Museum
Night view with seven stars Night view with seven stars

Shikabe  Shikabe Tourist Information

Shikabe Geyser Park Shikabe Geyser Park
Shikabe Park Shikabe Park
Hyotannuma Park Hyotannuma Park
Shikabe Onsen Shikabe Onsen
Cycling, Shikabe course Cycling, Shikabe course

Esashi  Esashi Tourist Information

Ubagami Daijingu Togyo Festival Ubagami Daijingu
Togyo Festival
Kaiyo Maru Warship Kaiyo Maru Warship
Kamome (Seagull) Island Kamome (Seagull) Island

Heishi Rock Heishi Rock
Hokke-ji Hokke-ji

Kikonai  Kikonai Tourist Information

Ubagami Daijingu Togyo Festival Kanchu Misogi Matsuri
Kaiyo Maru Warship Mt. Yakushiyama
Moss Phlox
Kamome (Seagull) Island Samegawajinja
Heishi Rock Kanrinmaru
Hokke-ji Sarakimisaki Tulip Garden

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